We've been operating for a few years...

Some nice things have been said about us in the local and national press.
As far as we know, nobody has said anything nasty - at least in print!

What the NME Annual Student City Guide said:

2003 - "...so cool even BRMC have hung out there."
2004 - "leading indie night in Edinburgh ...the music is great"
2005 - "the Art College's weekly club night, which is all you need to know"
2006 - "The indie/rock night" (John Maclean - Beta Band, The Aliens)

Yes, The NME once liked us! However, in 2007 NME picked a local DJ to write it
So for 2007 the best club was a defunct-within-a-year pet project.
Ahh, I love impartial, informed advice.

City Student Guide '98-99:

"...the kingdom of Cool. There is an unofficial Egg hierarchy stemming from
the disco diva the Egg Queen down to the sneaker clad indie kids who nod their heads
in appreciation of the fine music. ...an excellent Saturday Night!"

Always liked this review - I think it perfectly captured the spirit at that time...

The Scotsman:

Our respected National Broadsheet has written about us a couple of times.
1999? - "Edinburgh's Quintessential Indie Club"
Sept 2006 - "The first choice for indie fans..."

The first one was around a half-page in the "feature" section.
I'm really hacked off that I lost my copy when moving house.
Probably wrapped the china with it...
We used the "Quintessential" quote on an old poster.

The Edinburgh Evening News:

August 2007 - "weekends are bad for bringing the chavvies out of
their hiding places, but The Egg is safely stowed away
and provides good-natured fun and merriment for indie lovers"

I'm told we have been regularly mentioned in the "Your Favourite Club Night Out".
- A section of the weekend edition.
Keep an eye on the EEN as I'm sure we'll be mentioned again soon!

Update - EEN October 17 2008

I went with my boyfriend to The Egg... and I plan to make it a regular event.
...the mix of styles and sounds make this night a great learning curve.
It's a small venue, hence the name, but it's got bags full of atmosphere.

Update - EEN November 21 2008

...A haggis club - there's a little bit of everything thrown in.
...The mix is the thing there with garage and electro fighting for space
with Sixties and Seventies classics as well as punk and new wave.
The great thing is, if you don't like one track there will always be
something along very quickly that you'll love and it will get you on the floor.

Update - Lauren Laverne's Radio 6 Blog August 12 2010

(Sadly, not written by Lauren herself)

...Probably the finest Indie night in Edinburgh though is The Egg,
every Saturday at The Wee Red Bar. It's only a quid to get in before 11.30
and £3 after. It's an Edinburgh Indie-stitution.

Lauren Laverne's blog

There it is - FACT! ;o)